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Originally Posted by G J View Post
I'm editing this b/c I think I understand your confusion better now.

Some directions assume your first row is your CO row. In fact, depending on the type of CO you do, it is! That being said, it you're tall, stick with row 13 as Michelle suggested. Otherwise, back it down a row.

Here's another hint:
I find it EXTREMELY helpful to put in a lifeline (see Amy's videos under glossary) on the row before shaping begins. This is helpful for two reasons:
  1. If you mess up, it's easy to frog back to the lifeline.
  2. It makes counting rows REALLY easy!
Have FUN and welcome!
Thank you so much for your confirmation, and also about the the lifeline. I had planned to put in markers on each of the increase rows for counting purposes too. I will have to look Amy's videos when I get back home tonight. At least I will feel better about working on this during the 4 hour drive back home. If I am off it will only be by 1 row.

Thanks again.
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