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Knits and Purls uneven
I have a problem in my knitting that I've never noticed when doing projects with small knitting needles, but it's somewhat obvious when I'm doing projects with larger needles (I'm working with size 13s right now for an afghan): my knits and my purls aren't even.

For example: When working stockinette stitch, I will knit the row on the right side, then I purl the wrong side of the work. However, after doing two rows of stitches (one was knit, one was purl) one row of stitches looks larger (probably looser) than the other row. Once again, I think this problem looks exaggerated when I'm using the larger needles, because it's never been a problem before. I've tried increasing the tension on the loose rows and trying to loosen the tighter rows, but I can still see that there's unevenness in my stitching.

Any suggestions?
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