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hi guys.. a spotlight frustration post. I saw on the spotlight site a yarn going at a great price and that would suit the rug i want to make. i'm still unfamiliar with sydney roads etc so i looked up the store locater to see shops closest to me. one store never answered the phone across three days of calls. one shop did answer but were flustered and rushed but did ring back with a metre length (but had basically no balls in stock). I was a little suspect about that metre length as it seemed a little 'too good to be true'. I wound up ringing the shop from home service and discovered that they could not tell me the metre length and I could not buy through them anyway as the line is being discontinued. They DID manage to get through to the store that wasn't answering their phone to check their stocks..none.

Tapestry Craft I'd pay double for similar yarns but at least I would get clear service but how VERY frustrating and I am so glad I rang ahead and didn't battle through traffic for goods that were unavailable!

I want some chunky almost 100% wool yarns for my rugs but I think I won't felt (as the cost of the yarn will wind up too high) so I'm thinking an acrylic mix would be ok. I think I'll just scour TP site and look for best buy and be done with it but gosh shopping for yarn in Sydney is proving harder than when I lived in the country.
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