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OT - A Question of Etiquette
Got a question...

My daughter babysits for a friend of mine, who works part-time in the same office as me. Yesterday, my friend told my dd that if she cleaned the kitchen, she would pay her an extra $5. When my friend paid dd for her hours today, she left off the $5. Dd is not happy. I'm sure it was an oversight.

I know how we can handle this in the future (keep a list posted on HER fridge with hours worked and extra "jobs").

The question is what, if anything, can we do this go-round. Should we forget it and look at it as a lesson learned?

My dd is 15, and she's not too keen on asking my friend about it. I'm leaning towards staying out of it, letting my dd handle it.

Do you have any suggestions that I could pass along to my dd??

Thanks in advance!!!
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