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Actually, my friend was pretty specific. She told her that if she emptied the dishwasher and then reloaded it with the dirty dishes and then cleaned the pots and pans that didn't fit in, then she would pay her $5, as well as give her own daughter a little $$ for helping (telling my dd where the dishes went).

I like Ms. Moosey's conversational line. I'll definitely pass that along to dd.

I suggested to my daughter to make a spreadsheet to put on my friend's fridge. She would write her hours down every day she is there. We could leave blank lines for the "extras" where my dd could write in things like "dishes." I told my dd to keep a copy of her hours as well.

I had already suggested to my friend that they put something on the fridge to keep up with it. We got paid last week, and she was trying to remember how many hours my dd worked. This was when I mentioned the idea to her.

It's really weird being in the middle...

Thanks for the suggestions!!!
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