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Originally Posted by amy View Post
Welcome to our forum! Introduce yourself and say hi!

Check out the common abbreviations used on this forum, to decode our chit chat.

To make a post here, you need to "register." When you register, you are required to enter your email address, primarily so we can email you your password, if you ever forget it. You will have the option to "show" your email address. This lets members click a link to email you, but they don't actually get to see your email address. Your email address is protected from spam-harvesting by being hidden.

Don't be shy, we're a very friendly community! We look forward to your posting!

Enjoy our forum!

Hi fellow knitters, I've been knitting for about three years but have felt like a novice so I've signed up for TKGA's correspondence course starting with the BASICS, BASICS, BASICS program. I felt like I needed to build my knowledge base rather than forget what I learned on different projects. So I'm sure this website will be a huge help to me. NHknitter
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