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Question on Shaping the Neck of a sweater
I am very confused, I cant find this anywhere on google or on knittinghelp or even the many "learn to knit" books that i have. I want to make a pullover for my stepmother, but i do not know how to shape the neck when the pattern says "knit 21 stitches, drop yarn, slip next 13 stitches onto stitch holder, JOIN NEW YARN, knit 21 stitches"
WHERE exactly do I join the new yarn? I know that i could just knit the yarn without joining it, and then and weaving the end in (and if i dont get any answers then i will do just that)
Is there a good place to join the yarn though? do i tie a knot on a stitch somewhere or something? Im a little confused. How do other people join the new yarn when you shape the neck?
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