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Thank you everyone for the advice, i will keep you posted. Unfortunately we have called about 4 animal resuce and humane society groups but because there is such a big stray cat problem here, no one wants to help us. We are worried that the one stuck under the porch is not getting any food, and thus isn't strong enough to jump out the hole with the others. I hate to drop food in there and encourage more wild animals to go after it. I really am a bit torn up about the whole situation... I just want to corall them all and get them somewhere safe and not worry, but the one stuck has left us hanging. I tried to get momma kitty to go back in, but she won't. (she's very docile and lets me pick her up and licks me, I think she was a house cat that got pregnant and got dumped by her owners) Hubby doesn't quite understand, but I am very worried about all of them and can't seem to stop worrying until they are gone... but I want to keep them all... but we have 2 cats that are already very hard to keep up with maitenancewise so it wouldn't be fair to bring in another. So, no, we aren't keeping any though I want all 5. Is this how Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome starts?
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