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Originally Posted by dakatzmeow View Post
if your stitches lay correctly, i say go for it! i recently discovered i was knitting wrong. i was wrapping the yarn the wrong way, which actually allowed the needles to do all the work, but my stitches were tilted. it looked fine for most everything, except stockinette. well, who wants stockinette that looks like a pattern? the whole idea is that it is smooth! gah!
I watched someone knit continental for 20 minutes and then went home and taught myself to do it. I did and do purl the "wrong way" but I found that if when I knit I insert the needle into the back loop Stockenette looks as it should. I can purl the other way but I prefer to scoop up my purl stitches it is so much easier.
One thing though: If you are doing wrapped stitches do purl with the yarn coming over the top.
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