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Laura, I'm so excited about your shop!
I wish I could be there to roll around in the yarn when it's delivered to you! (I think you should hand out inexpensive strands of pearls to your first 50 shoppers.)

Michelle, my knee is KILLING ME! It's this stupid weather. We're having a major thunderstorm right now. My "barometer" knee always lets me know about storms ahead of time.
I'm REALLY looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!!
And I'm SO glad your baby is head down now.

I got to meet Doodknitwit yesterday, and she is a smart lady! She is also very nice.

Sheila, we had to cancel our last get-together, which was planned to take place in Salisbury. Up til now, all our get-togethers have been in Charlotte. I'm thinking we should plan an indoor event for July or August, because MAN, is it HOT outside!!!
By the way, I just started knitting a lace scarf last night with some kid mohair by Plassard, called "Pichenette". Feels like I'm knitting with thread!
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