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I started a scarf yesterday too. But its an easy Fun Fur one for my MIL. She's been bugging me since I made one for all the cousin girls for Christmas. I was getting pissy at my hat so I figured something no nonsense would be nice. Now I'm bored just knitting.

Sandy I'm looking forward to tomorrow too. I "need" to get out by myself. I'm a little t'd off at Steven at the moment.

Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary. All was great. Til he made plans for Saturday to play poker with the guys. "Um honey, you have tickets for Go Diego Go on Sat." him "oh can't you take them?" me "I was hoping you'd take them so I could have some 'ME' time. Plus this was to be your last little hurrah with them before the baby comes". him, "well I did take the kids to the waterpark while you finished working 2 weeks ago". After he said that and my jaw dropped, he realized that I was still WORKING and it wasn't "ME" time. He is still playing poker and I have begged MIL to take the kids to see the show.

Anyway that was long winded. I rarely get "Me" time, b/c I don't make it for myself. But I was sooooo looking forward to this and the kids were looking forward to getting dressed up to go out with Dad.
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