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OT-New Dog-Losing my mind
Well, I went and got another dog yesterday. He was turned in by his owner for not being potty trained quick enough, he's 1 year now. The shelter neutered him and said he was doing really well with his training. Well, I get him home and can't get him to go outside, but he has no problem going inside So this is what I'm doing...

Take him and Rose (my other dog) out together, she will always go potty because she knows, let Rose back inside, give him a few minutes more, if he doesn't go take him in and crate him, give him 10-15 minutes in the crate, take him out and tell him to go potty, if he does *which he hasn't yet* let him in, otherwise back in the crate

We are one out 5th trip outside and I know the second he gets let back in the house he's going to go Does this sound like it will work?
We're all adults here. Wait, when did that happen?!?! And how do we get it to stop?!
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