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I have found that the word "no" said in a firm voice and a spray bottle filled with water, has worked wonders in training pets. It kind of stops them from what they were doing wrong and focuses the attention on your command and you will not have to actually squirt them after the first few times. It is the sound of your voice, the sight of the bottle and your action of showing them what you expect that works....dont just soak them with water and laugh...(been there, done that) j/k*smacks self* and no I have never hurt a pet in any way...I'm too loving for that. I was was just so thrilled that I had his attention at last.
I have trained my cats and dogs this way and we all live very happy together now, with just my voice command of "no". (of course that is after the water bottle backing me up the first few times)
Oh, and I have used this method on my hubby as well it has turned a few bad arguments into a very fun chase around the house and made light of what the problem was in the first place. ~
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