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Glad he's okay and he wears his seatbelt. Everyone always remember to do the same please! I recently rolled a car 1.5 times landed on the roof going at 100 kph and walked away with just a minor scrape on my foot from it banging into the accelerator (I think). I really think that without the belt I might be dead and certainly quite badly, maybe permanently, hurt. 3 days later my friend's car tipped over into a ditch and she said if she hadn't had her belt on, who knows, she might have fallen through the open window and had the car land on top of her. Remember to put it on every time.
You must have been so scared. Sometimes I think it is worse to get that phone call than make it. Your hubby knew as soon as the car stopped moving - or 30 seconds later - that he was okay. You had to get the call and drive out there without seeing it for yourself that he was okay and until then it never sinks in. And dealing with taking the kids out there too...
Go have your drink of choice, be it tea, coffee, or Scotch. Read the replies tomorrow, if you are still online. Hope that the car can be fixed or even better, insurance buys you a new one!! The person who hit him: stupid cow. But hope she's okay.
Do whatever you need to relax (a bit).

P.S. the fact that you have come and posted to your online knitting friends about it shows you are already returning to normal.

P.P.S. what's a Beltway anyone? How is it different from a motorway/ 'highway'?
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