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Dogs, should I get one?
My friend called me last night - she has 2 dogs that don't get along. They got along when she first got the 2nd dog, but after awhile one would terrorize the other. So she sent one to live with her mom in Florida for a few months and now the dog is back. And within 2 hours the dogs were going at it again!! I had told her that if they didn't get along to call me and maybe we'd take one! And she called last night! AM I CRAZY?!

DH says it's up to me. He wouldn't CHOOSE to get another dog, but he didn't want one the first time either. It's been more than 5 years since we've had a dog. We've always said it would tie us down too much. But we're traveling overnight less with baseball this year and my 6 yo really wants a dog. He loves it when we dog sit for my bro's dog. I really don't have a STRONG preference either way. It seems that the timing is OK and the dogs are trained. They are small dogs (I'm not even sure what breed, I can't remember!).

I'm thinking we'll go over there later today and see which one would work for us. She won't make a decision as to which one she wants to give away. She actually said we could try them both out separately if we wanted to. I feel so bad for her! I hope that's not affecting my decision. I guess I just didn't think she'd call, so I wasn't prepared. Anyways, any thoughts??
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