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Bless you for rescuing a dog! I have such doggie problems. First, be patient, that's the best thing you can do. Indoors get him some belly bands ("pawty pants"). This is made by one of the volunteers with a rescue I volunteer with, and is basically a boy's diaper Works wonders.

Then you have to clean up, use Urine Gone (you can get it at Target).....or, it sounds as if you, like me, need the stuff by the gallon - therefore, get Nature's Miracle, it's the same exact stuff as Urine Gone and works!!!!!! And is much cheaper.

Once your dog's scent slowly disappears from within the house, he will get the point to go where his scent is which is outdoors. It also helps to take him for really long walks, the dogs CANNOT keep from urinating where he smells others' scents, as it is their mission in life to leave their scent over others'
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