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Originally Posted by AnaK View Post
I am trying to make my first sock and have question for you experienced sock knitters.
At the point where the needles meet I notice slightly larger gap than between other stitches.
I try hard to make sure to tighten it and not have loose stitch there and it still shows. Is there a trick to this?
Also which pattern do you recomend for first time sock knitter?
Thank you
I am not experienced, but I have had that same problem. Laddering of stitches is frustrating! I have eliminated them for the most part by putting my right working needle underneath the needle previously worked. Then I make sure to tighten the first and second stitch a bit tighter than i do the other stitches.

I don't know if this is the standard for eliminating laddering effect, but it has worked well for me.

Also, if you are working the sock inside out, the gaps will be bigger. Make sure you are knitting with the outside of the sock facing the outside.

Hope that helps!
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