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Originally Posted by kellycarr05 View Post
I noticed that everyone who has posted to this thread seems to be in favor of homosexual marriage. I also noticed that several of you have expressed frustration at those who donít agree with you. ...
The point is that we continue to discuss. I realize that most of you will disagree with me, and that I will not change your opinion in this short post. I hope, though, that you will not consider everyone who opposes homosexuality as a bigot, intolerant, or other such similar term. We do not hate the person, even if we hate what we (very strongly) perceive to be sin.
I am commend you for taking a stand. Yes, I completely agree with you also, we are to never hate the person, we are to hate the sin. I have family and friends who are very aware of my position and they know we still love them very much, even if we do not support their choice and have expressed to them our belief this is against what the Bible and the Lord instructs us. As Kelly pointed out please don't lump us all together and assume we are all horrible persons because we choose to voice our disagreement with it.
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