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Originally Posted by Brandilyne View Post
Thanks beckyrhae for the fantastic idea! I just ran out to the grocery and picked up a couple of the ingredients and made them myself for my dad I bake all the time, but really was not in the mood (too hot!) to make him a cake from scratch today (bad daughter!) so this was perfect! I made mine in a baking pan in layers instead of individual tarts, just because it is more convenient to transport. They smell delish!

Thank you so much for posting the pic, they looked so yummy I just had to bake them.

NakedPancakes, as to a diet version, you could use low fat cream cheese, low fat crescent rolls and Splenda I don't know that it necessarily counts as "diet" but it would certainly be lower in fat and calories! I actually used the low fat cream cheese in mine just because it is smoother and easier to blend.
A friend and I actually came up with this a few days ago without actually baking anything, we were both hungry and throwing ideas around. She made them with lowfat everything... crescents, cream cheese and splenda and said it was lovely but I so do not do the diet thing. I should... but damnit... I really really dislike Splenda
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