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My good sense tells me to stay out of this, but my strong opinions won't let me. I want to say unequivocally that there are plenty of Christians who believe we are faithful to the teachings of the Bible who don't interpret it the same way. The Bible also supports slavery, the oppression of women, forbids eating shell fish, etc., but we've managed to place those ideas in their historic context and move on. My own congregation has been fully inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people for over 20 years. We celebrate God's wildly inclusive love for all God's children. My church had a table at the Pride Festival yesterday, and we proudly marched with our banner in the Pride March as a group for many, many years. If we're going to err, we choose to err on the side of love and acceptance. I looked around the sanctuary this morning during our worship service, and I was filled with joy that the congregation included people of different sexual orientations, races, ages, educational backgrounds, and economic condition. It makes me happy just to be part of the family in my church.

I don't mean to criticize other's interpretation of the Bible, I just want to mention that other faithful Christians read it a bit differently.

Joe (a brother in Christ, even if we don't agree on this issue)
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