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The totally without steps one would be best for me. Bah..there are some lovely..albeit expensive..places to stay on Darling Harbour.

Just for discussion, I've been to 3 spotlight stores recently; Bondi, Drummoyne and Banskia. Banksia is the only one with parking available underneath the building and the lift up from that. All have ramp and/or lift access but Drummoyne is much further to walk to than any of them. The Banksia store BY FAR had the best arrangement of yarns. They were tidily and sensibly organised (although I had to get a young man to reach me down yarns that were way too high and would be difficult for many to reach).

In all but the Bondi store, shoppers were happy to stop and chat and talk knitting. One woman at Drummoyne had THE most beautiful cardigan on that she had knitted.

The Bondi store must be oldish as it did have a grubby look and sections of carpet were badly taped down where holes or rips existed. Drummoyne looked 'untidy' and unkempt in sections which I know sounds odd but you may know what I mean.

Banksia took a while to get through a checkout (very understaffed) but of the three was the cleanest and had the most organised yarn section. That said, they are VERY well accessed by customers and that means yarns can disappear quickly and they often don't answer the phone. Drummoyne answers and is reasonably patient. Bondi answer and act flustered and overworked :-)

I'll be grabbing some cottons from TC soon.

Anyone find the best outlet for rug underlay 'non slip' material? I was at Ikea the other day and would not buy their open weave stuff because I think it would scratch fine tiling. I was gazing at a pack and must have had an expression as a couple came up to me and basically recommended I NOT buy it. They found it smelled terribly and they had even tried to wash it and still had the problem. I know Spotlight sell non slip rug underlay per metre but my knees cave so quickly walking around those places I didn't look at quality. Are there any other choices Aussies know of apart from just carpet stores?
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