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My washcloths and a little bit more...
These were made for my best friend, there is a teddy bear (she used to collect them), a dragonfly, a basketweave then a friendship chain washcloth.

My mom asked me to knit her a pinkish scarf for her. I used Paton's Divine and Paton's Brilliant to make this. Nothing fancy, just garter stitch with some fringe on the ends.

I made 2 of these, one each for my 2 younger daughters school teachers. (they are apple washcloths)

I just finished these for my oldest daughter. The first one is a paw print (she has a cat and a dog), the second is the Eiffel Tower (we took her to Paris and went to it), there there is the
M & M, (she has a Mustang horse named M & M) and finally my favorite to make is the basketweave washcloth.

I have also made 4 for my mother in law. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of them!! She has taken a picture of them but one them she took a pic of the wrong side. As soon as she sends me the correct side, I will post them here.

All of the washcloths are made with Sugar n Cream cotton except for the apples. I had to order Lion Brand Cotton Poppyseed Red for those and very pleased with it. I finally bought some Peaches n Cream to try it out but whatever I make with it will be for me...finally!

Now I am going to try and knit items that are not washcloths. I am wanting to challenge myself some, I can get very comfy only knitting these and I feel the need to branch out somewhat. I want to make a Calorimetry for my oldest daughter when she goes on trail rides with her horse. I have done maybe half of one, but then I made the mistake of looking at my work! There are some blatant mistakes screaming so I am going to try it again.
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