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Originally Posted by baronreads View Post

One question - does anyone know anything about submissive peeing? She said she does this when someone stands over her when you first get home or if someone new comes into the house and stands over her. But she says if you're aware of it and how you treat her when you enter, she doesn't do it. I'll have to research it a bit.

Thanks again!
My brother's dog used to do this. She basically grew out of it for awhile, but you could try completely ignoring her when you first get home. Just for 10 minutes or so, until her mood normalizes and she's not so excited. Don't make eye contact or talk to her or pet her etc until she's calm...and hopefully that will stop the "I love you! PEEEEE" before it starts. (Not guarantees...that only worked sometimes with my bro's dog).

Also watch your body position for awhile, make sure you're never standing "over" her in a way that triggers the peeing. Watch what happens just before the peeing a few times so you can figure out what you or she does...then try to change those preceding behaviors.

Good luck!

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