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I know, it's not knitting. 13 stripes crocheted again
I really want to make this 4th of July Afghan from the new issue of Crafts n' Things. However, the pattern in the book is wrong. The editor sent me corrections, but I still don't get it. The corrections work great, however, the picture seems to alternate it's clusters on each row. It's three dbl clusters, does anyone know another pattern like this? Or how to get them to alternate? Here is a rough diagram.

The pattern looks like this (with the l being a dbl crochet)

Row 2 l lll lll lll lll lll l
Row 1 l lll lll lll lll l

This is mine:

Row 2 l lll lll lll lll lll l
Row 1 l lll lll lll lll lll l

Also, I emailed the editor back asking her about this. It's been 5 days (including Sat and Sun). Should I email her back? or keep waiting? or just make the afghan with the alternating clusters?

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