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Speaking of Dogs
This is sorta gross, but not actually. You'll see what I mean.

My dog, whenever she starts to feel sick (like she's going to throw up) will climb all over me and try to get super close. Just a bit ago, she started that hiccuping thing that usually precedes a really good yark and started nudging into me, getting under my legs on the floor, etc. She then decided that wasn't close enough and clambered into my lap on the couch looking all pathetic. This is a 46lb dog here. She has no idea how big she is sometimes. I moved us to the kitchen floor and just held her. I didn't have any other option.

She didn't actually end up sicking anything up, but she does this every time she feels like she might. It's a comfort thing, I'm guessing. I just try to soothe her, telling her she's a good girl and it's okay to be sick until she yarks or until she lays down which is a sign she's past the crisis point.

Does anyone else's dogs do this or something similar?
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