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Originally Posted by auburnchick View Post
Hey, what kind of dog do you have? My dd's dog looks a lot like your's!
She's what I call an Animal Shelter Special. The shelter said she was a "Collie Mix" with no specification on whether that was a smooth or rough, border or whatever. We've guessed that it's border collie at this point. Maybe some... uhm, I dunno. Shepherd or retriever in there somewhere. She goes on point when she sees a small animal she thinks she can catch. It cracks me up.

Pics of Boudicca
More Bodie pics

I don't mind when she does the cuddling thing, I mostly don't want her to think she'll get in trouble for being sick. It's not like it's something she can control. So I reassure her and love on her when she gets all yarky.

As a note, she has not in fact thrown up. I think she ate a leaf on the balcony and it was a trigger.
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