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Weird family - UPDATE!
You won't believe it!!! (Breath, breath, breath....)
So here's the story: My grandma (my mother's mother) had 3 sisters. 2 died of cancer, 1 left. The 1 left is the weirdest person in the whole world (we all think her husband drove her to lunacy). She would never ever tell anyone anything. My grandma didn't know about her wedding till she was on vacation and got invited (of course she couldn't come - she was to far away). This lady told of her pregnancies only when she couldn't hide it anymore. Anyway, her youngest son is about 33 years old and is actually my mom's cousin (with 20 years of difference). He has a girlfriend and they live together for 8-10 years now. On our wedding she made a very strange remark about them not getting married (we're "known in public" - term in Judaism to refer to not married couples) with kind of desperate look. A few minutes ago my grandma calls my mother and says the next thing: "My sister told me that your cousin and his GF had a baby girl 3 days ago". When my mom told me, i was speechless. OK, you're weird, but that weird??? Not telling anyone that you're expecting DGD?? How superstitious can people get??? I'm shocked Now i have a second degree new cousin!!! I have a feeling our wedding was the trigger and i won't be too surprised to find out they loped to get married :rofling::rofling::rofling: Do i have to knit something now? I rarely see them and i don't think they'll invite us to see the baby... I made my mother promise that when i get to having a baby - even my grandma won't know for as long as i can Sorry, i had to vent and i can't even tell hubby - he works night shifts this week
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