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Washing machine bigger than space..what to do
Hi all. I'm hoping someone may have had this problem and arrived at a solution that didn't involve selling the machine!

I am moving into an apartment and got the keys last night. I've had to reject several places because of a disability issue and I had to stop being fussy about having every 'thing' I wanted. There are a few problems with the place but most resolvable but this one. I had bought a brand new $900 washing machine but believe it or not, the space for a machine in the new apartment is too narrow by about 2 inches or less. My son suggested selling the machine and buying another but few machines fit in the space and I would lose heaps of money selling and re-buying.

The laundry is combined with a bathroom so you walk in and have on the right the washing machine space (this has a dryer mounted on the wall above), then vanity and then toilet. The opposing wall to the door has a shower. The outlet and inlet pipes for the washing machine are within the vanity so there is a hole on the right side that one's machine pipes go through and attach.

I am honestly stuck for ideas. If i put the machine temporarily in front of the vanity then the pipes will not reach around. I can probably purchase hose extensions for this but then this bathroom can't be used at all. That is not a HUGE problem in the short term because I have an ensuite but it isn't optimal. The only thing I can think of is getting a carpenter in to take the side wall off the vanity and to remove a couple of inches and put the wall back on BUT if they do a poor job I will be up for the cost of replacing the vanity unit. I presume though this may be the only solution. I do have a twelve month lease so I'm stuck with this problem for a long time.

Any help would be welcome as I'm rather anxious about the issue.
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