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I did wonder at the potential of using the machine in the kitchen area. This place has an open plan kitchen/living area that is tiled. I thought the machine could be put against a wall and then longer pipes used to connect to water and then to run water is not optimal. SIGH. I will get a carpenter in to look at the vanity and quote. Thanks Mason. I am also needing to argue car space also because my space is down stairs and I cannot walk up and down stairs..the process I have to go through to request a change of space will wind up taking 3 months! However, this I can cope with..the machine one is a problem. Depreciation drops value SO fast that I would only get $400 for it and would be up for another 200-300 for a machine of equal vale (albeit smaller). Movers broke 80% of my household goods last year and this machine was a replacement for one broken. I chose the size so that I could wash blankets and larger items and not need dry cleaning very often. I've found it very handy. I am often confused why city apartments are designed so that the occupants are forced to have 'little' things. My machine has a 7.5kg capacity but even the 5.5 one is too wide for the space I suspect. That means a 5kg machine would be the biggest you could have. I saw a women there go up yesterday with a toddler and baby. I bet she'd love to use a bigger size for nappies!
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