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Oh yes, I'd need to get permission. The one thing in my favour is that water has been seeping through the cupboard and the bottom of it is coming away. I may be able to argue that this could be fixed at the same time and I would share the cost. Storage is not an option because of cost and because I would effectively lose 12 months of my warranty (which to me is a big thing). At a pinch I may be able to exchange it with my sons. His is old as the hills and half the cycle doesn't work. As I said re selling, here, depreciation is a BIG thing. Sure the machine cost $900 and sure it is like new and a little less than 12 months old but I would lose $400 on it roughly and then need to spend more on a new machine. I wish I had known the issue ahead of time as movers are picking up my things today out of storage almost 800km away!! Friends up there had put a number of items into an auction system they have there and if I had been wanting to see the machine THAT was the place to sell it and get optimal money. I didn't realise the problem until late last night and I'm not prepared to ask my friends for last minute favours that would require grabbing other people and heavy lifting.

It's also the issue of what the machine can do. I appreciate having a machine I can wash blankets and small rugs in etc and not having to use a dry cleaner often.

I've just rung 3 carpenters to ask for quotes. One sounded dodgy. One sounded great but is swamped with work and said he couldn't quote for more than a month. The third I had to leave a message for.

If the owner totally refuses then I will either have to swap machines with my son or accept the monetary loss and sell the machine and get a very small one. In the meantime I guess all I can do is have the movers put the machine to one side and then sort it out and pay to have it moved again IF the carpentry is done. If I sell the machine whomever buys it would accept removing it.

I can feel my anxiety levels rising and I keep telling myself these are just issues to be resolved and no big deal. I've had to move 5 times in less than 2 years and with so many things being broken last year..I feel sort of frazzled and over it. Thanks for the interest and support. I feel teary and there is nothing gained by that
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