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Hmm..if a vanity base has water damage that does not impact on your ability to use the unit..I'm not sure they do have a legal obligation Mason. Thanks for reminding me that this is 'just' one of those issues to resolve. I do need to drop out of anxiety and be more light hearted about it all

It is a slight shame it is so close to the end of the tax year as I could pitch that anything done now would be tax deductable for the owner (which is correct in our tax system and perhaps yours) in the upcoming tax end of year thing. I still might be able to do this and if I elect to contribute say $100 that is a sweetener..shows good faith and is cheaper than getting another machine that I don't want and is what I would pay a mover to swap my machines with my son's. Frankly the owner would be better buying a new unit entirely and ensuring the space is adequate for anyone's machine. I am going up to the apartment in the next few hours and will look closely at the unit and come back and report

I'll also take a digital of the strip of material that's comes away vis water damage as that would be useful to attach to a request. If nothing else it shows I'm not asking for alterations to a brand spanking new unit!

Some owners are great..some are terrible. I've heard of owners here being totally obstructive. Years ago I went to rent a place but backed out after the owner told me that if anyone stayed overnight (parent or friend or anyone) she wanted an additional $12 for that evening to account for their use of water etc. She also expected the whole of the outside of the place to be washed down once a month and that if I didn't do it myself she would hire someone and send me the bill. NO THANKS. That sort of person shouldn't be a landlord as their expectations are too specific and unrealistic.
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