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Mason..a question. I went and measured and although I need to check that the vanity cupboard is 'square' and that the measurements don't looks like the machine will fit tho it will be very tight.'s the actual benchtop around the sink that is too large and it looks like some material that is not readily 'cuttable' like timber. I suspect it's a fake marble material of some sort..a composite. If it turns out this is the ONLY element stopping the machine fitting in (I will go back and remeasure soon) then I either need to have the top cut off OR the top replaced. I suspect replacement would be simpler but I also think how I argue the matter will be important. One has to remember too that the floor is tiled around the cupboard so if the owner put a smaller cupboard in I would have to consider the need for additional tiles. There is also of course the matter of the inlet outlet plumbing pipes. The hot/cold water for the machine would not be affected at all by a smaller unit put the outlet for the water could be affected.
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