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Originally Posted by bip View Post
This blanket has been haunting me since December. I was quite taken with the photo in a 30 year old Woman's Day my grandma gave me, and learned to crochet just so I could make it.

It is 169 granny squares, and I dedicated my entire 2 week Christmas vacation to finishing the squares. Then it sat and sat and sat mainly because I can't really understand the assembly instructions. I even posted on crochetville and some people explained it to me, and others gave me easier ways I could assemble, but honestly, I couldn't really understand any of it.

Is there any way I can just KNIT them together? I think my other option is going to be to PAY someone else to do it, but then I feel like I won't be able to take as much pride in the FO.
I am going to assemble a Crazy Quilt Afghan soon...just a humble 48-8"x8" knitted squares...and I intend to use mattress stitch.

I like the 'control' mattress stitch gives me over how it looks on the face. I will poke my tapesty needle in and out VERY CLOSE to the edges so that the reverse side still looks decent.
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