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I'm on row 6 now, my kids are probably much younger than yours, I only get to do it during nap time. My ds is 3 my dd is 15 months and then I watch a little girl that's 9 months old, so my hands are really busy while they're awake. Not sure how many rows I want to do in green before I switch to white b/c then after the white I want to do either pink or blue or purple and then go back to white and then green and repeat...any ideas how many rows seem to look good? I wont find out the sex (hopefully) till the 5th, so I'm pacing myself. I would go ahead and buy blue and pink and then I thought my hubby would have a cow if our boy had pink in his blanket...guess I'll just have to be paitient. What yarn are you using? I'm using the bernat baby coordinates, probably not the easiest yarn to crochet with b/c it's ripply or crinkly whatever you want to call it. Like Lion Brands homespun. But it's what I had on hand.
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