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WalMart carries some decent yarns and some really crappy yarns, but you can find some good deals there. I can find Lion Brand yarn, which is good, and Patons, which is slightly better, at Michaels. KnitPicks has great prices. has good deals on yarns, too - if you happen to like a discontinued color, you can get yarn for incredible prices there. I learned about Little Knits ( here on KH. They have some good sales that you can watch, too.

As for which yarns are good yarns to buy - it all depends on what you're making. You can use just about anything for scarves - different yarns give you different looks, and they're a great way to experiment with different yarns. You can get Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn at WalMart or Michaels and that's good for dishclothes. I like the Lion Brand Wool Ease for afghans, since you can machine wash it if you need to.
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