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Originally Posted by traceleighj View Post
and Office Space (I need a jump to conclusions mat)
Barnes & Noble sells an Office Space kit in the Bargain section, complete with red stapler and Jump to Conclusions mat.

Originally Posted by simplethings View Post
I have a feeling that the mailing turnaround time for is a bit slower than netflix. My friends that do netflix have recieved movies as fast as 3 days after they sent in their watched movies. The fastest mail turnaround time for me has been 5 days.
I've had the same movies forever, and need to update my address with them, but...

With Netflix, I would drop off a movie on Monday and have a new movie on Wednesday. It hardly ever took longer. They also periodically email you to see how quickly you are getting your movies, so that they can continually improve their service.

Am famoos!

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