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Originally Posted by HamburgKnitter View Post
Hear hear. Travelling is so important, and I wish more young people (especially american young people) would travel more.
I agree, traveling can be such a great experience and chance to learn new things. Unfortunately for me, and I imagine for many other young people (American or otherwise) it's rather cost prohibitive. And socially, something reserved for "rich kids" :eyeroll:

When I was in high school I took advantage of a two-week exchange program to France at an incredible deal. Even then, with few financial obligations to speak of (I only had to pay for my car/insurance in high school as far as bills go) it still took SO MUCH EFFORT to scrimp and save every penny so I could pay for that trip (and I worked a LOT). I'm glad I was able to forgo new clothes, shoes, eating out and trips to the movies for months to pay for that trip...but with financial obligations now, it's sadly going to be a lot of years before I get that kind of opportunity again I just hope I won't have to wait until retirement!

HamburgKnitter I agree with you and it's so incredible for you to live somewhere with such diversity so close by. Totally jealous!

I also think this thread has taken such a neat turn into an interesting conversation. Huzzah!

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