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I really like to knit to netflix also... I have the 4 dvd plan.
Try going thru the top 100 movies and pick some from them.
That's what I did when I got my subscription.

I've watched all 5 seasons of Six Feet Under(took me 6 months), Dead Like Me(great series/too bad it was only 2 seasons), House(sexy and cranky), The Office US(funniest show on tv), and now I'm watching Monk.

I've watched Leonadro DiCaprio movies(The Departed, Blood Diamond, Titantic), John Cusack movies(Serendipity, Being John Malcovich, Runaway Jury, Identity), Matt Damon(The Talented Mister Ripley, Bourne movies, The Good Shepard), Denzel Washington(I love his smile), etc

The Secret Window.....Stephen King's novela adapted into a movie starring Johnny Depp is a great movie.
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