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I found some which may help. And I will give you my routine.

I mix Pilates and Yoga. Pilates has a *

Downward Dog
Child Pose
Warrior 1
Triangle pose
Warrior 2
Here, I do a Quad stretch (Lunge forward, drop knee to floor, push pelvis forward) and a Hamstring (Sit on one heel, lean forward) stretch.
Warrior 1
Triangle pose
Warrior 2
Forward Bend
Rag Doll
Forward Bend

Easy Pose
Half Spinal Twist
*Mermaid Side Stretch*
*Spine Stretch*
*Roll Ups*
*Roll like a Ball*
Supine Spinal Twist

On most days, I do a few Sun Salutations (It's a yoga series)

I add and take away as I feel necessary. Hope that helps you!

Here's a site about Pilates if you want to try it. I love it.

Also, has videos of yoga and pilates. Just do a search there.

Oh ya, and there are books and videos on prenatal yoga. I research customer reviews on before buying. I like to go to used bookstores and the library first to.

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