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USA / Europe trades
I was wondering if it would make sense to set up a little network of members who were interested in trading internationally.

For example, Addi needles and certain popular sock yarns like Opal are MUCH cheaper here in Germany. But the Europeans can't get their hands on Socks that Rock or Rockstar yarn (just two examples of many).

There is of course postage to consider, but I think that since neither yarn nor needles weigh much, it might not be a big issue. For example, it would cost me 8 euros to mail something to the states that weighs up to 500 grams, 12 euros to mail up to a kilo (1000 grams). 1 euro = $ 1.35.

If enough people were interested, then maybe Amy would agree to pinning a thread here in the Buy/Sell/Swap section where people can organize international trades with each other. Or maybe there's a better way to go about it...this is just a budding idea I have, so all suggestions would be welcome!

Let me know what you think!

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