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I think if you're not willing to have a woman as "just a friend" you will never be successful in a romantic relationship.

It sounds like maybe when he does meet women he would be the type to try and put his "assets on the table". You know, "I have this..." "I have that...." "I can afford this...." I don't know any woman who is into that type of thing. It makes a man come off as lacking in confidence, and frankly weak.

When men have the attitude that they have to "provide" for the little women, they come across as though they have no belief that their personality will be acceptable.

It also strikes me (the born 50 years too late thing), that he really doesn't understand relationships. the 1950's as portrayed on T.V. is little woman at home, cooking/cleaning/being told what is right/father know's best kind of thing. Now days T.V. portrays, father's and idiot/mother puts up with it, lets father think he knows what to do/what's going on, while she slyly fixes everything. Neither of these interpretations of family life or relationships is correct. But with some men it's easy for them to romantasize the 50's portrayal.

Relationships unlike juciers are not "as seen on t.v." branded. Has he ever had a girlfriend? How/where is he trying to meet women?

No offense but your friend seems a bit immature and lacking in social graces. All that being said. Personally, I am a total toilet humor kind of girl. I grew up with guys, in college all of my roomies were guys (3 guys and me), I work in an extremely male dominated field, I love that type of humor, and many of the girls I know do. No exclusively that humor, but I can get down and dirty with the best.

As for qualities in a man? Loyality, manners, willingness to help, trustworthyness, good friends, humor, good familial relationships, and someone to whom money is not important. Enough to live yes, but someone who finds joy in life not possessions. And also important, someone who wants to listen to me, and who will laugh with me to at me when I do something dumb.
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