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I agree that you're friend comes of as quite immature. And Iza does raise an excellent question: Why does he want a woman? By identifying a precise reason(s), he (or YOU ) can make a more informed decision as to how to adjust his approach and/or determine if he needs to take closer look at himself for re-evaluation rather than simply trying to figure out "what women want". :thinking:

Don't get wrong, I don't advocate changing yourself to suite others for sheer sake of pleasing someone else. However, if you want something bad enough and for logical reasons, the subject of compromising comes to mind. Besides, he can't really change who he is ... but he can certainly update himself if he finds that he needs to.

As for what makes me do a double take for a guy: Gotta have a personality; Must be trustworthy; Must have a sense of humor; Must be humble; Must be open-minded. And for ---k's sake, leave the damn one-liner, meat-market mentality where it belongs - in the garbage disposal!!

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