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Wow, just wow, I definitely appreciate all the replies. From what I know of what he wants, they would have to like what he has, it's okay if they want to work, but I get the feeling that he would prefer it if they do not. He does tend to judge by appearances, and doesn't want a woman who is even slightly overweight, granted, he's skinny, and fairly muscled, but not what any of the women who know him would call handsome. she should know how to cook, clean and in general take care of him, and unfortunately, he doesn't know how to cook or clean. neither is really hard to learn, but he doesn't want to try it.

*Well I just talked with my better half, and she had said that the reason she gets annoyed by him, is all the childishness, such as the "pull my finger" and thinking farting on somebody is hilarious...okay, side note, it's not the actual fart, it's the look on people's faces that he gets a kick out of...and most importantly, she hates putting in an idea for his problem, only to be interrupted two words into it.

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