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DPNs Trouble...the ladder
I am at my wit's end. I have tried and failed three times to knit without a ladder forming between the first and last stich using DPNs. I have looked at all of the help sites and have knit tightly between needles but they still form. It seems as though while I am knitting the rest of the work the hanging needles pull my completed work and tighten it so that there is slack where there once was none. I thought of clipping my work together with a little "claw" hair clip to support it while I knit but I thought I'd post a message here first. Any suggestions? I have already had to rip my work several times...I even knit the first couple of rounds on straight needles then transfered it to DPNs but I must have flipped the work because afterwards I was knitting on the wrong side so I had to purl where I wanted the knit stich to show. Argh!!!
Any suggestions?


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