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I so totally love this forum. I try to read a lot of the threads and posts but can't seem to squeeze in all. I think it is great that people share their lives on here. I don't get to talk to alot of people around where I live because my neighbors and friends live very busy hectic lives. I think the mods are great. I made a post about a pattern I found and couldn't quite get a good pic of it so I typed out the whole long bloody thing. I ended up getting a message from a mod about my post being edited because they said that I infringed on copyright laws. At first all I could think was "d@#*, I put alot of work into that" and that I was under the impression that to infringe on copyright laws was only if you were trying to make a profit. But then I realized that regardless of what I thought, the mods only did what they thought was right. In the future, I will refrain from typing out that whole long pattern and just post links to the freebies and such. And now it seems I digress from the topic. All I really wanted to say was that to be a mod here must be hard work and that I seems that they do their level best. I find it awesome that I can come on here and find all sorts of things of interest and varying viewpoints. And just how nice was that of Amy to put that topic back up for us to look through even though she didn't have to. I mean WOW how many other forums will actually take the time to do that? I have found that alot forums will just block someone from accessing... not me, but I have gone to some and wondered why I don't see any new posts by certain members. I hope that everyone stays so understanding on here and that no "bad" people who like to be overly mean ever come over to our happy little home here. Happy Every Kind Of Day To Everyone (that is to say any holidays or special days coming up that I don't know about)
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