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Poem for Dudley
So my old Basset of 16 years was laid to rest and I wrote this poem more to comfort me than anything else. By writing it helped me "cry it out" and expel the pain of losing him while remembering all the good times we had and what a great companion he was to me. Anyway figured I'd share.

Now I lay me down to sleep
The tears from flowing I cannot keep.

Sorrow fills a barren space
As I close my eyes and see your face.
Iíve lost my Dudley, my best friend
But he was spirited until the end.

Hanging close while I cut the grass
Yet slow to move for the mowerís pass.
Garden watering and coffee with my guy;
A summer tradition as my buddy lay nearby.

It was just a week ago, so itís difficult to believe
That youíve been struck so quickly by this disease.

With droopy eyes, crooked feet, and long ears
Youíve anxiously greeted me throughout the years.
Now memories they are that Iíll hold dear
For within my heart you are forever near.

Doc Herzog being a compassionate man
Gave us the bad news as best anyone can.
Your liver has failed you my dear old boy
Only memories will remain to bring us joy.

As I lay you in my lap that final night
In the grass in the sun where you found such delight.
I stroked your head of gray and ears so long
And told you of my love so strong.

We were there until the end; I kissed you lightly,
Said goodbye, and hugged you tightly.
I know that you went quietly into a big sleep
Of that I remind myself as I start to weep.

As weeks go by so will signs that you were here;
Water bowls gone and little tufts of shed hair.

Time will pass quickly since you were last alive
So we planted a flower thatíll continue thrive.
Fond memories will stir of good ole times I assume
For years from now it will continue to bloom.

I keep expecting to see you Ďround every corner
The bathmat, the stairway, the hallway runner.
Thereís more room on the couch now at dinner time
And youíre not there in the morn for the alarm clock chime.

Yes, time had come to say goodbye
But in my heart you will never die.

For a funny memory replays within my mind
Youíre running fast through the grass from behind.
With tongue swinging low in the heat of the day
And your long floppy ears bounce and sway.

Searching to find me wherever I am
You make me laugh out loud. You are such a ham.
Marlene / DetroitKnitter
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