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Originally Posted by bip View Post
Disco throw is not the official name, it is actually "Shaded Rug" from Woman's Day Granny Squares from the 1970s. My grandma gave me the magazine and though I am a knitter, I fell in love with it and was compelled to learn to crochet. I call it Disco Throw because the picture in the original mag looks like the floor from Saturday Night Fever.

I finished the 169 squares back in Dec/Jan when I had two weeks off of work. At that point, I was so burnt out on crochet, I couldn't bear the thought of putting them together. Once I finally sat down to do it several weeks later, I couldn't really understand the instructions.

Finally, middle of last week I MADE myself do it. The assembly instructions worked just fine, I have no idea why I had so much trouble before.

This is probably my last crochet project EVER, but I am absolutely in love with the FO. The picture really doesn't do justice to the colors :(

I used mostly Caron Simply Soft though a few colors are Red Heart Soft.

Detail of middle

Detail of corner

Hi BIP! That is an outstanding afghan! It is really really beautiful. The colors are so well-placed! It is by the best crochet afghan I've seen! KUDOS to you!!!
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