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i think he needs to first realize a great relationship starts with friendship. everyone i know in a longterm relationship is truely friends with thier partner. if he can't get past that point, then just about every relationship he enters will probably fail.
there are plenty of women out there who will find him funny and decent, but if he can't even picture being just friends with a woman, he won't ever move past that to a relationship.
i definatly think he should join a local car club where he will meet others with similar interests, and maybe a woman willing to give him a chance. me and my dh hit it off the first night we met (in late 2000), and were inseperatable ever since! he was completely himself, and so was i.
i think your friend really needs to learn to relax and be interested in what any woman he is talking to has to say. i am a wife who is 'taken care of' :rollseyes: but i am respected and treated as an equal. i see lots more lonely years ahead if he can't even listen to what a woman has to say.
btw-my dh has a friend a lot like yours.he married a very quiet girl, who is very much a wall flower and i can't stand him. overbearing and loud and thinks everyone thinks just like him. or should.
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