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I really can't believe they let 15 year-olds on the road. The driving age in NJ is 17, which means no permit until your 16. After I got my license, they changed it so you get a "graduated driver's license" at 17, with restrictions on night driving, how many non-family members in the car, etc (it's supposed to be drunk-driving prevention), and you get your "full" license at 18. 15 is just so YOUNG.

That being said....if you can teach your daughter to drive, you are a saint. After one...memorable lesson with my mother, my G-pa was the one who taught me to drive. There are a lot of warehouses and factories in the town I grew up in, and they make for great places to practice driving and parallel parking on the weekends--wide roads with no traffic. We stole traffic cones from Ed's set--the bowling alley--for the parallel parking.

Good luck!

Am famoos!

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