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Dye Experts, HELP! How dangerous is dye?
So I'm watching Uncommon Threads the other day and someone is dying fabric. She's talking about how dangerous dyes are, particularly in powder form. She says you should use a mask, gloves, never use pots or utensils that you use for cooking and never dye in your kitchen or around food.

I always dye my yarn in the kitchen, where else am I gonna do it? I don't use a mask, or even gloves. And I've used a big stock pot for dying. It's huge and I haven't cooked in it since then, but is it ruined for cooking?? If so, crap! It's a $50 stock pot!

Oh.. I use Jacquard Acid dyes. While I don't dye stuff very often, I'm kinda concerned. Have I put myself in danger using these powdered dyes so flippantly?

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